I Believe

It is important to know what you believe and that is why the Lord has instructed His People to study and show themselves approved. (2 Timothy 2:15) You should align yourself with believers who have the same core values and always remain true to the Word of God!

I Believe…

The Bible Is Inspired By God.

There Is One True God.

The Lord Jesus Christ Is Fully God.

Humanity Fell As A Result Of Sin.

There Are Only Two Sides – Good AND Evil.

God Offers Salvation Through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ Is THE Only Way, Truth And Life.

The Baptism Of THE Holy Spirit Is For Everyone.

Sanctification Is A Process That Aligns Me With God. He Cares How I Live.

God Designed The Church With Power For His Purpose.

God Works In The Natural, Miraculous And Merciful Ways.

My Future Is Anchored By Faith In Confident Hope.

Jesus Christ Is Returning Soon.

I Will Live With God In Eternity Forever By His Grace And The Blood of Jesus Christ.

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