Do you write these devotions?

Yes and no. Yes, I physically document each one.  No, the Holy Spirit takes over shortly after I log on.

Where do you get topics?

Prayerfully. Each day I simply sit and talk to God. Each devotion is a result of that conversation.

Do you have a book?

There is no book of devotions at the current time even though there are over 1400 entries. I hope one day that the Lord will instruct me how to divide and conquer so many words to write a book.

How do you find time to write every day?

I make time. With a full-time job and family, the only way that I can find time for anything else is by making a conscious commitment to do so. For many years, I struggled with having a “quiet time” and consistent prayer with the Lord. I desired it, but was not devoted to it. I set my alarm to meet with the Lord and will not allow a day to begin without this important time. These writings are products of my time spent with the Lord.

How did you learn to write devotions?

It is funny how the Lord works. In high school and college, my father forced me to take keyboarding classes because he believed such skills would enable me to work in any office. When my fourth child was born, I could not bear to leave her and decided to quit working in a medical office. The medical transcriptionist encouraged me to learn the profession. Learning to transcribe consists of learning to listen and write what you hear. God’s sense of humor and timing amazes me because now I basically transcribe for the Lord.

What church do you go to?

I asked Jesus to be my Savior when I was 11 years of age. I grew up in a Southern Baptist Church in Jacksonville, Florida. I consider this the foundation of my faith. After years of wandering, I returned to “church” and visited a variety of denominations until settling on a full Gospel, nondenominational and multicultural church. For more information on core beliefs, please visit “What I Believe” page.

Do you mind if I share a devotion with my small group or Sunday School?

Not at all! In fact, I strongly encourage you to do so. Please contact me for specific permission if you wish to reproduce or link www.puredevotion.org and use on a public domain or website.

Will you pray for me?

YES! Please send us a note on the “Prayer Request” link of puredevotion.org. My husband and I promise to join our faith with you and petition Jesus with you!

Do you do public speaking?


5 Comments Add yours

  1. Charlene says:

    Per your request, I am seeking permission to reproduce (with attribution) your devotions related to farming. The paper copies (approximately 50) will be used in discipling volunteers at our church farm. Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lthomason says:

      Yes of course! 😊


  2. Jerry Golden says:

    Do you have a title listing or scripture listing of all of your devotions? I really enjoy reading them.


    1. lthomason says:

      I’m sorry 😐 I do not! All are posted in the archives of this blog 😊


  3. Jerry Golden says:

    Thank you for the reply.


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