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My name is Lori Thomason. I am the wife of Jimmy Thomason and mother of five fabulous children Kilian, Brenan, Bryce, Jamison and Carson Joy. We have a ridiculously cute Chihuahua named Chico. I live in Tallahassee Florida. I am not a pastor, apostle, teacher or speaker. I guess I am just a disciple of Jesus Christ. I am a believer who has devoted the rest of my life to discovering who the Lord is and what He would have me to do. I am just like you working full-time, managing a family and trying to hold it all together. But what I desire to be most is an intentional Christian who considers and compares my life to Jesus Christ every day. Some may find this radical and that is okay – it is not for everyone.

For years our family begins each New Year with a 21-day fast. In 2009, when the Lord introduced me to this notion of writing my children were all in the nest with hectic days and nights as with any large family. Although I had no idea where I would find the time necessary to commit to such a daunting task I tried it anyway. Each morning getting up just a little bit earlier to see what would happen and if God would really meet with me, much to my surprise He did. The Lord asked for my time and has fully utilized every moment that I have been willing to give. The Lord invited me to spend more time with Him each day. He laid it upon my heart to begin to write about these experiences with Him.

Each morning I meet the Lord and wait for His Word to come. Thirty minutes has turned to hours as I will continue to write each day for Him as long as He continues to speak to and through me! I love Jesus Christ with my whole heart and long for Him to be the center of my life! As we enter 2013 and the fifth year of Pure Devotion, things have changed significantly in our life. But God has not changed at all. The Lord has proven to still be our trusted friend just as He has promised remaining ever so faithful. My hope is that through Pure Devotion that you too will develop a lasting intimacy with Jesus Christ using the Words that He has shared with me that I offer to you! I invite you to the new concept of intentional Christianity by consecrated your life moment by moment to God until you live fully in His Presence.

Now our family has matured and changed physically and spiritually. As our oldest son followed his calling to become an American Soldier, the Lord walked us through a year of active duty in the Middle East and returned him safely just as He had promised. In 2011, we entered a new level of trusting God as our 19-year-old son was diagnosed with Stage IV cancer and began the fight of his life. Four relapses later in July 2014, he underwent a bone marrow transplant. Only time will convince the doctors, but we are confident that “By His Stripes” our son is healed. Daily God has poured more of His Goodness and Grace into our life as we take each step together. Living with His Peace that passes all understanding has made all the difference. Our oldest daughter is engaged to be married and soon we will adopt a new son-in-love. Thankfully, we still have two “little” girls who refuse to slow down chasing on the heels of their siblings. We are blessed. God has been good to us! Through it all as I have committed to meeting God each day, He has spoken to me even in exhaustion, confusion, devastation, doubt, worry, anxiety, tears, sorrow, joy and pain. I have written at home, on vacation, in hospitals, infusion rooms and cancer centers never missing an opportunity to meet the Lord in His Presence. For over four years now all that I have done each day in this process is to dedicate increments of time to the Lord but what He has done in my life and family is beyond our greatest expectation.



17 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Lori,

    This is crazy awesome! Thank you so much for what you do and for quietly listen to the Lords direction! You are an inspiration to me! Love you guys, Jen


  2. If you don’t mind, I’d like to link back to your blog from my blog. A devotional a day is something I would love to offer my readers. And, your heart can be seen very clearly in your writing.


    • Totally Fine to link up! I would like to take a look at your blog as well! My heart has always been to be God’s Proverbs 31 woman! Have a blessed day!


  3. Thank you for your devotions. I read them everyday and they are always an encouragement to me.

    May God continue to bless you as you bless others with his word.


    • Thank you for your kind words. I am learning so much about our Savior through these devotions. We serve an AWESOME God! Have a wonderful week! Lori


  4. Hi, Lori. Just found your site as I surfed ‘Faith’ blogs. My heart is touched by the current offering. I was about to hit the ‘reblog’ button but found there is none. I’ve experienced the same at times at other sites and am curious as to whether or not there is an option at our sites to prevent ‘reblog.’ I enjoy sharing especially rich posts with my readers. Just curious.

    Enjoyed the visit.



  5. My wife and I and a dear friend in Christ Jesus just started a prayer blog…but this…I stumbled upon this the other day and with what I have been dealing with…the faith versus fear/doubt/failure…or at least illusion of failure…thank you…you have been an inspiration and a blessing…God bless you greatly…


    • Thank you for the encouragement! May God bless your prayer blog mightly and you experience overwhelming responses and answers in His Name! In His Amazing Love, Lori


  6. Lori, I have been trying to locate the photogrpaher of a photo you used for your devotion “The conflict”. Did you obtain a copyright agreement to use it? I only ask so I can do the same. Thanks, Hannah


    • Hi Hannah! I don’t keep all the pictures that I use for the devotions. I try to use only images that free to the public and include any copyright if there is one. Thanks Lori


  7. Just found your devotion on Water and ask that I can use some of the ideas in an article that will help teachers in Zambia to integrate God into their science lessons. Will give proper credit of course.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. I am sorry Lori. I really didn’t intend to offend you. The Lord has spoken to my spirit many times through your writings. In fact, my latest post was a follow-up to advice you posted several weeks back (one of your best) – “It’s Time To Push” after many days of fasting and praying. My latest post was more for me than anyone else (believe me).

    You don’t have to respond to this. Again, I am sorry and apologize if I offended you.
    In Jesus – David


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