Get Synced

Get Synced

Joshua 1:7-9 (TLB)  You need only to be strong and courageous and to obey to the letter every law Moses gave you, for if you are careful to obey every one of them, you will be successful in everything you do. Constantly remind the people about these laws, and you yourself must think about them every day and every night so that you will be sure to obey all of them. For only then will you succeed. Yes, be bold and strong! Banish fear and doubt! For remember, the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.”

A while back our company began working on the infamous “cloud”. What is the cloud? The cloud is made up of servers in data centers all over the world. It allows accessibility to company files from any computer so you can virtually work anywhere with a computer and internet service. Converting to the cloud has been a bit challenging after working on a local server. It requires “syncing” which transfers work on my personal computer to the cloud. There is also data on the cloud that must be downloaded when I need to revise the documents. There is an endless and perpetual syncing process going on.

I have been given a computer to work from home – oh joy! I have had problems finding information. I spoke to our IT guru the other day and he asked if my home computer had been synced. I told him that I haven’t turned it on in months since the last time I tried unsuccessfully to work on the cloud. He said, “That’s the problem, your home computer is not synced.” He explained that if I turn on my computer and open the cloud – it will sync all the files and data. Well, I tried it and it worked. But it got me thinking…

Is it possible to be out of sync with God? Sync is short for synchronization. It means to go on, move, operate and work at the same rate and exactly together. To recur together. To harmonize. To agree. I believe that our goal in life is to live in harmony with God. To set our clock to His Timing. To set our heart on His Plan, Will and Way. To go where He tells us. To do as He instructs us to. To walk according to His Spirit. To live in complete unity with God the Father through Jesus the Son. However, from time to time, we get out of sync. Life is busy. It is hard. Suffering comes. Happiness goes. The ebb and flow of living as a supernatural being tugged to and fro in a natural experience inconsistent with our hope, dreams and vision make us tired and often distracted. It is important to sync our life with the cloud of His Presence daily for success and prosperity.

Joshua 1:7 and 1:9 state clearly that we are to: “be strong and courageous”, “to obey”, “be bold and strong”, “banish fear and doubt” and to “remember”. These are all the lofty aspirations of believers who strive for the Kingdom but get blown away by life. We must look at Joshua 1:8 to discover the secret to successful living and a prosperous life. It is important to be constantly reminded of God’s Word. It is not enough to just listen to a sermon, song, or podcast but it is vital that we think about God’s Word. How to apply it? How does it apply to me? Pray about God’s Word and its application. Ask. Seek. Knock. God will download directly into the heart that desires Him. His Spirit will guide those who are willing to go. God is our Strength. Jesus is our Confidence. There is no way to walk in His Power other than by His Amazing Grace. It is up to us to continually strive to seek the Kingdom first.

Romans 12:1-2 (TLB) And so, dear brothers, I plead with you to give your bodies to God. Let them be a living sacrifice, holy—the kind he can accept. When you think of what he has done for you, is this too much to ask? Don’t copy the behavior and customs of this world, but be a new and different person with a fresh newness in all you do and think. Then you will learn from your own experience how his ways will really satisfy you.

When you think of what he has done for you…

When was the last time you thought about God and all that He has been done for you in revelation to the understanding and knowledge that every good and perfect gift comes from the Father. He gave His Perfect, Holy and Righteous Son for our sin to die a torturous and grueling death on the Cross. God literally poured out the totality of His Wrath for man’s sin and disobedience on His Child for you. This is only the beginning of our thoughts and meditations but should invoke a desire to know Him more. We must learn to live in sync with God’s Word. To worship Him in spirit and truth just like the Bible says. To exchange our hard heart and twisted perverted minds for a soft, fertile heart and the Mind of Christ. It is important to meditate, think about, take apart, fully digest His Word to know His Will and continue in His Way.

Be a new and different person with a fresh newness in all you do and think.

We want the blessings and benefits of the new life promised to new creations. But that’s just it – we are to be new creations. Different people with fresh newness in all we do and think. Our heart AND mind must be transformed to experience the new creative genius of God for His People…His Children…you and me. It is not one without striving. We strive for the Kingdom. No longer painful toil or effort but with wild abandon and passion entering into the open door held by Christ to live in His Kingdom today not just forever. There is much at stake. We are in this world but not of this world. Suffering produces pain in this world but in the Kingdom it produces joy. The things of God are not meant for those who do not love God or are called according to His Purpose. He chose you now you must choose Him. Have you synced with God lately?

How do I sync with the Living God? It is all about His Presence. To designate time, attention and energy into digging in the Word of God, calling out to the King of Glory, waiting and listening for His Response. God still speaks to people in His Word, His Spirit and with a still, small voice. We cannot be tuned in or turned on to the things of God without a proper relationship with Him. Intimacy is key in any relationship including the one we have with the Lord. We must think about, meditate on and put to good use His Instructions. They are the Bread of Life that feed our soul, nourish our spirit and give us the strength to secure His Victory in our everyday battles. He is the Living Water flowing inside of us to water dry places, sustain us in drought and cause us to flourish and prosper from the inside out. We must tap into the endless supply of God’s Kingdom by synchronizing our life with Him. I turned on my computer and it automatically began syncing with the cloud. We must give our attention to the Presence of God and He will automatically begin the download of grace and favor needed to overcome. His Angels are already working at His Command for your benefit. Jacob didn’t open the window of heaven for the angels to ascend and descend – God opened Jacob’s eyes in his moment of desperation. Is it time to sync with God?

Psalm 27:8 (TLB) My heart has heard you say, “Come and talk with me, O my people.” And my heart responds, “Lord, I am coming.”

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