Sing Little Sparrow

Sing Little Sparrow.

Matthew 10:29-31 (TLB) Not one sparrow (What do they cost? Two for a penny?) can fall to the ground without your Father knowing it. And the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So don’t worry! You are more valuable to him than many sparrows.

“I sing because I’m happy… I sing because I’m free… For His Eye is on the sparrow… And I know He watches me.” Poem by Civilla Martin & Song by Charles Gabriel

The facts concerning the birth of Christ were quite clandestine. The details quite dramatic and not at all conventional so obviously Joseph was unsettle with the recounting of his betrothed’s explanation concerning the matter of her virgin pregnancy. I can relate to his doubt. Joseph decided to break off the engagement quietly. He did not want to disgrace Mary but certainly didn’t believe her story. The angel came to Joseph in a dream to confirm God’s Word to his fiancé. The angel told Joseph, “Listen! The virgin shall conceive a child! She will give birth to a Son, and He will be called ‘Emmanuel’.” The name “Emmanuel” means God is with us. I believe everyone could use the reminder at times that God is with us.

I don’t know about you but sometimes I get lost in the routines and schedules of life. Living from chore to chore or bill to bill only to forget that I am not alone. Do you? I have been in a crowd of people and still felt the feeling of isolation or invisibility. The enemy wants you to think that God is absent. It is a lie that leads people into the depths of darkness whose corridors are marked disappointment, discouragement, and desperation. Yet during the Christmas rush, let us pause to remember the angel’s words. Jesus came so that God could be with us always. Not next to us, but in us. To give us an opportunity to daily live in His Presence.

Not one sparrow can fall to the ground without the Father knowing it.

Not too long ago, my husband and I heard a loud thump on the back door only to find a dazed and confused sparrow lying on the porch. Poor little guy didn’t see the window and flew right into it. Carefully picking him up – my husband carried him to safety since our dogs were also acutely aware of his presence. Laying him outside the fence to recover – we left him for a few minutes to get oriented. Surely when checking on him again – he had flown away. I believe that God hears us just the same. When life gives us bumps and bruises – He gently holds us in the palm of His Mighty Hand. The sparrow wasn’t sure of our intentions but soon discovered freedom again. God wants us to be free from doubt, fear, worry, stress and anxiety in knowing that He is God with you and God with me.

Psalm 84:2-4 (TLB)  I long, yes, faint with longing to be able to enter your courtyard and come near to the Living God. Even the sparrows and swallows are welcome to come and nest among your altars and there have their young, O Lord of heaven’s armies, my King and my God! How happy are those who can live in your Temple, singing your praises.

I have seen an image in my spirit a few times recently. It is a tiny sparrow sitting in the rain. The sparrow is not hiding its head in its wing or frantically seeking shelter. It is singing. Not a song of distress, but an overture of chirping fit for a King. God welcomes us to come into His Presence. Jesus gave the invitation and has opened the door wide to access God. Our praise and worship gives us entrance into His Presence. However, it is the lie of the enemy that tells us God is not concerned about the details of our life. Yet, the Word of God tells us that He is in the details (Romans 8:28) and that the Lord will perfect all that concerns us. (Psalm 138:8) The prophetic voice of praise allows us to connect with God’s Kingdom in the midst of our problems, trials, and troubles. Maybe you are just overwhelmed by the holiday rush. God loves Christmas. Who doesn’t love their child’s birthday celebration? He is present today. He is hoping like the sparrow and swallows that you will choose to come and next among His Altars. God is with us. It is up to us to enter in.

Psalm 100:4-5 (TLB) Go through his open gates with great thanksgiving; enter his courts with praise. Give thanks to him and bless his name. For the Lord is always good. He is always loving and kind, and his faithfulness goes on and on to each succeeding generation.

I used to get the holiday blues. Depression would begin to sink in right after Thanksgiving. For years and years, I battled these feelings and tried to plaster a smile on my face. God is with me. I don’t always see Him or more importantly feel Him, but He is Emmanuel nevertheless. God doesn’t lie. He doesn’t change His Mind. His Word stands firm and true. I am the variable who must move and change in our relationship. I must enter His Open Gates and choose great thanksgiving. I must decide to enter His Courts with praise. I have a free will and an amazing opportunity.

Last Sunday, our congregation sang the popular song, “Raise a Hallelujah” and when it came to the verse – “I’m gonna sing in the middle of the storm… louder and louder… you’re gonna hear my praises roar…” once again I saw my little sparrow friend. Friend, God is with you. We must stop grumbling, complaining, fretting and striving and sing our praise song again. To remind ourselves that God is good! He is here! He cares for us! Because all of this is true, it is His Word that disarms the enemy’s lies that keep us from entering into the Presence of the Living God. So maybe today – rather than rushing, worrying, and or even giving up and quitting – we must take the cue of the sparrow and sing just a little louder. The song of the sparrow who knows that God is in control. He is providing. He has proven himself faithful so the little bird sings in the shadow of bigger wings.

Psalm 96:1-4 (TLB) Sing a new song to the Lord! Sing it everywhere around the world! Sing out his praises! Bless his name. Each day tell someone that he saves. Publish his glorious acts throughout the earth. Tell everyone about the amazing things he does. For the Lord is great beyond description and greatly to be praised. Worship only him among the gods! 

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