The Next Steps

The Next Steps

Hebrews 11:1-2 (AMP) Now faith is the assurance (title deed, confirmation) of things hoped for (divinely guaranteed), and the evidence of things not seen [the conviction of their reality—faith comprehends as fact what cannot be experienced by the physical senses]. For by this [kind of] faith the men of old gained [divine] approval.

Tomorrow looms the infamous scan day. The time set aside for the Glory of God to demonstrate His Faithfulness in healing our son. It used to bring great fear and trepidation. Now it resembles more of a toothless lion with a not so scary roar. My goal in life is to secure faith that is absolutely sure of God in every outcome. Undaunted faith, if you will, that is courageous and fearless. Not intimidated or discouraged. One unhindered by difficulty or disappointment along the way. I want that kind of confident faith that secures my hope forever. Faith is not for our future. It is for our forever. Yesterday, today and always. This word “faith” seems so real until the day of testing. Suddenly the platform of our life becomes a balance beam between earthly logic and heavenly knowledge. Have you ever been in the place of faith? The time when the only way to get to the realm of hope was to take a few steps forward. You know like our friend Peter who had to step out of the boat to reach Jesus.

Our son battled cancer for three long years. During the last few months, his cancer was recurring within weeks of treatment. To be quite frank, it was a losing battle. The Lord had told me the day that he was diagnosed that “our son would live and not die to declare His Works”. The Voice of God so loud in that moment seemed distant and small. The treatment was experimental. The insurance company had to be drug along. When the day finally arrived, the odds were small. He had a 2% chance of survival with the treatment and 100% chance of dying without it. The chemotherapy alone could kill him in the process. I remember the doctors and nurses hooking him up to all the monitors and the largest infusion pump I had ever seen. Donning the purple gloves as to not come in contact with the poisonous fluids, they pushed the button which created a huge weight on my chest. The only thing left to do for the coming weeks was to trust God completely with our son. Isn’t that how faith is tested? It is the finality of the first steps.

These steps are well documented in God’s Word. Moses had to walk them into Pharaoh’s palace. Abraham also walked them to the place of sacrifice ready to give God His Son Isaac. Daniel walked them into the lion’s den. David did also but rather running to face the giant. The faith moments that change everything begin with just a few steps in the right direction. The place of no return where only miracles bring good outcomes. Imagine the racing hearts of the Children of God stepping unto the Red Sea floor with walls of water surrounding them. I am certain that those were also difficult but life changing steps. And finally, there is Jesus. He walked to a Cross to die for our sins with complete faith that the Father would raise Him up again. Do you have faith today? Do you have faith for the next few steps? That is all it will take to walk to a miracle.

The moment that we decide to try our faith and take the next steps is the moment that the power of God is fully released to us. He gives us His Power in weakness. Faith is not a weakness but is often founded in our most depleted state. When we have tried it all and nothing has worked, broken beyond repair and facing the impossible – it is in that moment that the Lord is able to rush right in. Our son is about to celebrate his fifth year of remission. The doctors declared this the miracle year. No other person who has had the treatment that he had survived more than two. While science has decided that each day, month and year from here to be a gift not a given, I am reminded that the journey of faith is what carried us here and it is going to be what takes us to the finish line. Faith is available in ample supply. Hoarding is our nature. Or maybe it is just overwhelming doubt that keeps it on a shelf for a rainy day accepting what life hands us rather than receiving all that God has promised us. Lord, help me to see the powerful potential of faith in each step that I take. Holy Spirit, please make me consciously aware of your working in and through me until my faith is complete. Give me boldness to live an undaunted life running with you day by day. Amen.


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