Psalm 106:47-48 (NIV)

Save us, Lord our God, and gather us from the nations, that we may give thanks to your holy name and glory in your praise. Praise be to the Lord, the God of Israel, from everlasting to everlasting. Let all the people say, “Amen!” Praise the Lord.


Can I encourage you today? Can I stretch your thinking about the events of yesterday and ease your worry already rising up about today? From everlasting to everlasting, He is God! Did your day just get better? Did your cares and burdens begin to lift? If not, they should have. It is the promise that we as believers hold on to in this life. By faith, this is the foundational promise of the hope that we need to anchor our soul (Hebrews 6:19) and keep us from wavering (Hebrews 10:23) due to distractions and detours all part of the enemy’s plan. Faith is found in the everlasting. It is the very thing that keeps the troubles and trials of today temporary rather than terminal. It is one’s absolute faith and conviction that God is everlasting which allows us to wrap our heads and hands around Heaven and pull it down to the earth.


From everlasting to everlasting is a long time. It means “lasting forever”. The Kingdom of God is from everlasting to everlasting. It has no beginning or end. It is the past and future all together. We must make an attempt no matter how feeble with our limited understanding to wrap our brain around the Everlasting God who is our Father. (Isaiah 9:6) When Jesus came one of His Roles was that of Everlasting Father. His Death and Resurrection presented the ultimate sacrifice that allows us mere mortals to become part of His Kingdom forever as a Child of the King. Maybe your life doesn’t seem that awesome today…perhaps your position is not that of royalty but constant slavery. The idea of the everlasting today has the power to free you from wallowing us in pity and pain to establish our priesthood in the Lord and our place as princes and princesses as Children of God.


I know…I know optimism based on opinion is annoying when you are fighting in the trenches for survival. When yesterday, today and tomorrow are covered in foreboding clouds with a forecast of rain. How do we enter the Light of His Love when everything around us is shrouded in darkness? Friend, faith is based on fact. The fact is God is Everlasting. His Kingdom is everlasting. His Love is everlasting. His Grace is everlasting so that makes His Covenant everlasting. The fact that God cannot lie or change His Mind makes His Promise and Plan for us everlasting, too. The everlasting changes everything.


Everlasting means lasting forever, constantly recurring, and continuing for an indefinitely long time. It never comes to an end. Unlike the things of this life that will all come to an end when King Jesus arrives. Your problems will vanish. Your trouble will end. Your pain will be relieved. Your questions will be answered. How do we connect with the everlasting? When we stretch our faith from everlasting to everlasting, believing that He is the Alpha and Omega or the Beginning and the End, it allows our faith to connect Heaven and earth in agreement with God’s Perfect Plan and acceptance of His Promises as the Truth that governs our life. It is in that moment that we believe and proclaim effectively – “Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.” (Matthew 6:10)


Psalm 90:1-2 (NIV)

Lord, you have been our dwelling place throughout all generations. Before the mountains were born or you brought forth the whole world, from everlasting to everlasting you are God.


The omnipresence of God is relevant to reinforce our belief and ability to have faith in Him. We must believe that He is God and the Great I AM whose existence cannot be documented because there was nothing before Him and will be nothing after Him. God is everywhere at the same time. Hard to fathom but nevertheless the Truth. We serve an everlasting God who is always with us.


Psalm 119:142 (NIV) Your righteousness is everlasting and your law is true.


God is always right. His Word is always true. It leads to purpose and perfection for those who believe it making it the instruction and guidance for living. What does God say about you? Do you know? Have you read His Word? Have you discovered your purpose? Let’s be practical. If you buy a new gadget or toy, the instructions are useful as the manufacturer instructs us on how to properly assemble the product. It gives the consumer guidelines for appropriate use and maximum life of the item purchased. God is our Creator. He has a plan and purpose for His People that contains a future and hope. It is for our good in all things not just some things. He is everlasting so He takes all things in to consideration and tells us that He will make good of every detail of our life. (Romans 8:28) It’s like a money back guarantee. If God is always right, and we believe this in our heart, then it would only seem fitting that as His Children we would follow His Instructions and Directions in this life. Fitting it may seem but truthfully few actually read the Word of God on a regular basis. Starving our faith weakens our connection to the Kingdom. We are powerless to bring Heaven to earth because we lack knowledge and understanding which comes with the warning – “my people are destroyed from a lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6)


Psalm 103:15-18 (NIV)

The life of mortals is like grass, they flourish like a flower of the field; the wind blows over it and it is gone, and its place remembers it no more. But from everlasting to everlasting the Lord’s love is with those who fear him, and his righteousness with their children’s children–with those who keep his covenant and remember to obey his precepts.


The life of mortals is like grass. What a depressing statement if you don’t know the Lord! God’s Love for us is from everlasting to everlasting. From beginning to end, the Lord expresses His Love to us hoping that one day someone will notice. Is that someone you today? Though people are considered mortals, we put our trust in them readily. God offers mankind an everlasting covenant that disconnects our outcomes from the possible to connect with the impossible. We can experience Heaven on earth as our faith connects us with the Kingdom of God. We must trust the Lord more than people. We must love God more than other people. We must put our faith in the One who we hope for and long for other than those we encounter with our five senses. It is imperative to lock our lives into the Everlasting Covenant that the Lord has given us in order to change the atmosphere of our life and impact the lives of others.


God’s Love is full of grace and mercy so on those not so stellar days when we become consumed by others rather than our Lord, we can call it a day and get on track tomorrow. We have a Source of Light and Love so profound that no bad day will last forever. No promise will go unfulfilled. No pain is forever. No brokenness will destroy us but cause us to become stronger. His Grace is enough for me because it is everlasting. Lift up your head and see today where your help comes from! It is not your best friend, your partner, your spouse, your parents, your children or any other human that you come in contact with. Your enemies are powerless. In fact, those people who are annoying, aggravating or assaulting your life are not the enemy of your life, but rather God’s Ministry for our life. Our ability to love those not so lovely extends the everlasting kingdom that we have been given to another. ALL OF HEAVEN rejoices when one lost soul is found.


Isaiah 40:27-31 (NIV)

Why do you complain, Jacob? Why do you say, Israel, “My way is hidden from the Lord; my cause is disregarded by my God”? Do you not know? Have you not heard? The Lord is the everlasting God, the Creator of the ends of the earth. He will not grow tired or weary, and his understanding no one can fathom. He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.


Discontentment and dissatisfaction are warning signs that our connection to the Kingdom of God is weak. It allows us to press into His Presence for the love and compassion that draws us close to Him. By connecting to the Kingdom of God by faith and hanging on no matter how rough the ride, it becomes an active force in our life. The everlasting becomes evident and real in us so that we do not struggle to hang on but fight to maintain it. Sometimes we just need to be reminded that God is everlasting and so is His Kingdom. You can outlive any circumstance. You can outlast any trial. You can make it to the end of any situation because greater is He who is in you than He that is in the world. Jesus is always the last man standing. He will always be victorious. Stick with Him and we win!


It is in human weakness that we forget the God we serve. He will never forsake or forget us. He is never tired of pursuing us. He is never wearied by our weakness. His Love is everlasting. Do you believe it? Do you believe that His Grace is enough? It is actually more than enough to be applied to any situation without need for reserve. When we agree with the Everlasting God, His Everlasting Kingdom, His Everlasting Covenant and His Everlasting Promises – we have established an everlasting connection by faith. Everything changes in that moment even if we cannot see the impact on the earth.


Silence your complaints. Build your faith. Pursue His Love today. You will find it because it is forever. Recurring. Endlessly supplied. He understands when we cannot. He promises that every detail of our life will work together for our good. We need only agree and say, “Amen!”


Jeremiah 32:39-41 (NIV)

I will give them singleness of heart and action, so that they will always fear me and that all will then go well for them and for their children after them. I will make an everlasting covenant with them: I will never stop doing good to them, and I will inspire them to fear me, so that they will never turn away from me. I will rejoice in doing them good and will assuredly plant them in this land with all my heart and soul.


You know the saying, “The bigger they are, the harder they fall.” It is human nature to be prideful and pursue a better life for one self. What happens when we fail? What is the consequence of our faults? What about when we are wrong and misguided? We come to the end of our self. It is humbling. It can be devastating. Some will never return from the place of complete devastation because there is nothing keeping them secure. Faith in ourselves end when we fall short. Confidence and hope in others end when betrayal comes. When the unthinkable happens in our life, we are forced to examine what we believe as we forage through our heart and mind looking for faith. God doesn’t want us to flounder but to live faithful and confident existences. This is achieved by our connection to Christ who offers us the Keys to the Kingdom so that whatever we ask for in His Name will belong to us according to His Will. I want the Will of God for my life. I cannot always say that I did. It was in my complete undoing and with a shattered heart that I came to understand just how important it is that God is everlasting. I must connect to that to bring Heaven to earth. It is such a pursuit that the Lord gives singleness of heart and action as we now have purpose and a plan. Our fearful respect of Jesus in our life allows me to benefit from our everlasting covenant with God that produces His Favor and Everlasting Goodness in our life. It has no end. Even on the days it is unclear, faith reminds me to just hang on because He is coming. He promised. God rejoices in doing good for us. We simply must align our heart and mind with His Kingdom!


Psalm 139:23-24 (NIV)

Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.


Sometimes we just need a little soul searching to see that which has become an obstacle to what we believe. There are days that I forget that my God, His Love and His Promises are everlasting and true. Don’t you? It is on days like that when I just cannot see the Light of His Love in the darkness of the storm that I simply say, “Amen!” To agree with God by faith believing that He is the Everlasting and Omnipresent God who is always with us and will never forsake us allows us to have His Kingdom come and His Will to be done on the earth. It is pretty clear that He intends to love us. We accept and acknowledge His Pursuit of us by faith and confident hope in the everlasting. Faith is made firm when we choose to believe that our God reigns forever and over every situation enough to stand in the rain. Hope keeps us anchored by our soul to the place that loves and values it most. Do you need to experience God’s Everlasting Love today? Invite Him to examine your heart today. Be ready. He will reveal the very thing that has caused a breach in your faith or blinders to cover your spiritual eyes. His Spirit will remove it and fill it with more of His Amazing Love. Let the Lord have all your cares, worries and anxious thoughts today. He cares for you and is always making a way for you so there is no need to fret. Finally, ask the Lord to reveal anything that offends Him in your life or that which grieves His Spirit. Be ready. God speaks to those who listens and blesses those who do what He says! You can live from everlasting to everlasting just connect your faith to the Kingdom of God and refuse to move until He does!


Isaiah 60:18-20 (NIV)

No longer will violence be heard in your land, nor ruin or destruction within your borders, but you will call your walls Salvation and your gates Praise. The sun will no more be your light by day, nor will the brightness of the moon shine on you, for the Lord will be your everlasting light, and your God will be your glory. Your sun will never set again, and your moon will wane no more; the Lord will be your everlasting light, and your days of sorrow will end.


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